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The Specifications for the BADD GT speak for themselves, other Super Cars and Hyper Cars Claim to be fast but there is only one true champ in the standing mile. 0-300 Mph comes with dedication, research and perseverance.

The BADD GT Series is a refined version of the World’s Fastest Street Legal Car. Spawned from the original BADD GT and built to order with over 6 Years of research & development in creating the fastest and most reliable daily driver ever to hit the streets.   


0-60 mph:      2.5 sec

0-100 mph:   5.3 sec

0-200 mph:    10.1 sec

¼ mile:   9.20 sec

Standing Half Mile:   230 mph

Standing Mile:  280 mph

Verified Top Speed:   280+ mph

Est. Top Speed:   300+ mph



• Fully Street-able Badd GT Series Car

• 2 Year | 24,000 Mile Limited Warranty

• 200mph Driver Training and Certification & IMRA Patch

• Commemorative PPR Race Jacket

• Full Video / Photo Documentation of entire build & experience

• Professional Coffee Table Look book to Document it all!


• Custom Paint or Wrap Scheme

• 18 Inch F/R Race Wheel Package

• Custom Hand Stitched Interior Package

• Hi-Tech Audio Package (Includes Full Bluetooth Enabled and Integrated Audio)

• Full Data Logging AIM Suspension Monitoring System

• SmartyCam HD Recording System with integrated GPS Module and real time Data Overlay

• 7 Speed Paddle Shift Transmission

• Manual Shift Lever for 6 Speed Transmission

• Rear parachute mount with Bonneville style parachute and chromoly sub frame connector system

• Race approved front and rear tow hooks

• High Capacity Fuel Cell

•  G Force 1 Speed Day Package (ultimate bucket list)

• Nürburgring Road Race Package

• Knight’s Armament SR30 package