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In 2008, Johnny Böhmer and the Performance Power Racing Team turned their eye towards the sport of Mile Racing. The Standing Mile is an event where vehicle begins from a dead stop and accelerates through the 1 Mile Mark, and the speed at the Mile Mark is recorded. Top speed is king. At the time, the sport was dominated by twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo’s and Toyota Supras reaching speeds upwards of 220mph. Johnny Böhmer knew the incredibly engineered late model Ford GT, had the potential to dominate. Performance Power Racing declared that they would design and pilot the first street car to break the 250 mph barrier in The Standing Mile, and it would be done in the Ford GT. The milestones that have been achieved as the first street legal car to break the 250mph, 275mph and holder of the current Guinness World Record at 283mph have all lead to the next event. The BADD GT is being prepared to make its next run and the goal is 300+mph in the Standing Mile. Thus retaining the title of “The World’s Fastest Street Car”.

Performance Power Racing Badd GT Accomplishments:
• “Winner” Mile Marker one “2009″
• “Winner” Top Gun Run “2010″
• First car to break 250mph barrier in the standing mile. March 14 2010 (top gun run)
• First car to break 275mph barrier in the standing mile. October 16 2012 (NASA Shuttle Landing Facility Runway)
• Official Guinness World Record 283.232mph October 16 2012
• Official IMRA World Record 283.232mph in street car class October 16 2012
• 2009-2012 numerous “best of show” Car show wins
• Numerous Suspension, Engine, Aerodynamic & Safety testing sessions at NASA
• Secured NASA Space-Act Agreement
• Exclusive Pratt & Whitney Contract for Pandalloy